Portable Waste Tanks

Large ablution block but no sewer connection? The Temporary Waste Tank is the hygienic, long-lasting solution.

The Portable Waste Tanks is an engineering-certified effluent tank, designed to sit underneath large ablution blocks – particularly on large construction sites without a sewer connection (or perhaps a special event or an army camp).

A sturdy, durable, rust-construction, the 6000L Mobile Waste Tank is engineered from rigid polyethylene surrounded by a heavy-duty steel frame, and it’s rated to support a building mass of up to 7000kg plus 12 persons.

Available in three different sizes (2000L, 4000L & 6000L), the Portable Waste Tanks are suited to ablution block buildings up to approximately 6m long and 2.4m wide. The 2000L is available in a frame and without a frame.

Portable Waste Tanks Features & Specifications:

  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Special gusset reinforcing
  • Engineer Certified No. E3577
  • 6000L Portable Waste Tanks are certified to withstand 7000kg + 12 People
  • 3 sizes to suit all applications
  • Long-life polyethylene tanks will not rust
  • Special locator tab/lift points
  • Steel tow hook on all sizes
  • Tank top connects to frame to avoid sagging
  • Special double clamped triple wall connector hose on multi-tank models
  • Special pump out port available
  • Individual 2000 Litre Pods and linking kits are available to create your own tanks without a frame.


2000L TANK 4000L TANK 6000L TANK

Waste Tank:

2000 Litres

Waste Tank:

4000 Litres

Waste Tank:

6000 Litres

Approx Weight:

227 KG

Approx Weight:

453 KG

Approx Weight:

776 KG


1950mm length x 2400mm width x 660mm height


3875mm length x 2400mm width x 660mm height


5860mm length x 2400mm width x 660mm height

Carrying Capacity:

1500 kg + 6 People

Carrying Capacity:

5000 kg + 8 People

Carrying Capacity:

7000 kg + 12 People

Merlin Waste Tank - Effluent Tank


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