Accessories – Spare Parts

Compac 50 Hand Pump

Quality Marine Pump used in Merlin Ultra Portable Toilet, Executive and Formit SB59.

Compac 50 Assembly Diagram

Chimp Pump Assembly

Marine Pump used in some older model Portable Toilets and the MFT3 Toilet Internal.

Parts picture from Left to Right Top to Bottom

Chimp Pump Assembly Diagram

Merlin Ultra Spare Parts

Freshwater Tank Spare Parts

These products are inspection and water filler points.

Drain plug complete kit

Compac Toilet Spare Parts

These products are used in our Compac Toilet.

Rear Slide Valve

Also known as Rear Evacuation Valve

This allows for self servicing of the toilet by attaching an evacuation hose and emptying the toilet over a dump point.

Evacuation Kit sold separately. Valve and cover provided when installed by factory at time of purchase. Valve and spare parts are available separately.

Rear Evacuation Empty Point & Sewer Hose

These products are used to assist with emptying unit. Rear Empty Point & Sewer Hose

1. Bayonet Ring
2. Gasket
3. Ezy Valve
4. Bolts & Screws
5. Hose Adapter
6. 3mtr Sewer Hose

Miscellaneous spare parts

Foot Pumps

Other Hand Pumps

Merlin Portable Toilets carry a full range of spare parts for their portable toilets. We also carry spare parts for Formit portable toilets and selceted spare parts for Australian Portable toilet models. If you cant find a part on this page please feel free to email with pictures of the parts and a picture of the full toilet to allow identification of the model.


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Merlin Ultra Portable Toilet

Merlin Ultra

The Ultra has long been recognized as the best, most modern and longest lasting portable toilet on the Australian market today.

Merlin Executive Portable Toilet

Merlin Executive

The base model is a lighter weight toilet than the Merlin Ultra, but is able to be optioned up to the individual customers ,requirements.

eco hot water

ECO Premium water saving efficiency 2.5L/min. Will operate on pump pressure. Low cost with simple installation.

Merlin Ultra Portable Shower

Portable Shower Ultra

Merlin Ultra portable shower unit built tough for Australian conditions.

We are specialists in portable sanitation and
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