Portable Hand Wash Stations

This Breeze Hand Wash Station has a large 76L fresh water tank with screw on lid keeps water fresh, and is easily removed for cleaning. With dual stations and a slender design, the Breeze travels easily inside most portables and provides plenty of washes upon arrival. This unit is manufactured in the USA and with recent global events have become hard to source. We are expecting new stock mid 2021.

Breeze Key Features

• Free Standing
• Fits inside most portable toilets
• Sealed fresh water tank
• Foot pump operation
• Heavy duty nozzles


• Width: 22″ (559mm)
• Height: 60.25″ (1530mm)
• Depth: 20″ (508mm)
• Weight: 56 lbs. empty (25Kg)
• Color: Satellite Grey
• Fresh Water: 76L
• Grey Water: 76L
• Number of uses: 300+ (4 pumps – 2.1 fl oz. each)


• Soap Dispenser
• Paper Towel Dispenser

Portable Hand Wash Station – Double Sink

Double Portable Hand Wash Station

The Merlin Portable Hand Wash Station is designed to assist with hygiene on the worksite, event or anywhere people gather. With current Coronavirus Covid-19 precautions in place this hand wash station will assist with the recommended regular hand washing throughout your day.  The unit has the ability to add a soap dispenser and/or paper towel dispenser. There are two sinks and a foot pump to service each sink. It features grab handles on either side to assist with relocating the unit to where it is most needed. This unit meets all your needs in a portable sink. These units are reasonably compact with 4 fitting on a standard size pallet.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Key Features:

  • 80 litres Fresh Water capacity
  • 80 litres Grey Water capacity
  • Available in Blue


1360mm  (H), 500mm (L), 420mm (D) (AT WIDEST/LONGEST POINTS)


• Soap Dispenser
• Paper Towel Dispenser

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