toilet treatment

Enviropro Portable Toilet Treatment

Enviropro’s products are different!
All natural – 100% environmentally friendly
Non-toxic – Biodegradable.

PTT is a highly concentrated micro-nutrient supplement for eliminating odour and reducing solids. PTT also contains a fragrance to provide an immediate response.

Sizes available

  • 1 Litre
  • 5 Litre
  • 20 Litre


  • Does not just mask odours – it eliminates them
  • Liquefies solids
  • Prevents sludge and scaling
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Easy to use – nothing to mix
  • Will not contaminate ground water
  • Unaffected by temperature

Ultra Fresh Super Strength

Rapid, effective deodorising technology.

The Ultra Fresh Super Strength portable toilet additive utilises advanced deodorant technology to provide long-term odour control. A convenient, non-staining drop-in sachet, it requires absolutely no direct skin-contact and disperses quickly in the waste tank. It comes in a resealable weatherproof bag of 48 units per bag, and comes in a fresh frangrance with long shelf-life.

Key Features

  • Innovative resealable weatherproof packaging
  • Available in 48 sachet packs, 5 packs per case
  • Typical dosage: 1 sachet per week (depending on use)
  • Quick dispersion in waste tank
  • Refreshing, pleasant fragrance
  • No skin contact when handling
  • Can be used in camping or caravan toilets
  • Long shelf life

Ultra Fresh Bio

Environmentally friendly deodorising.

With their highly effective custom 8-strain bacteria plus added enzyme agents, Ultra Fresh Bio sachets not only deodorise your portable toilet waste tanks and septic tanks, but also break down waste and paper, to completely liquefy the waste tank contents. All without harming the environment!

Key Features

  • Starts working immediately to control odours
  • Rapidly breaks down waste & paper
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Custom 8-Strain Bacteria with added enzymes
  • Non-staining colour
  • New fresh scent
  • Septic tank friendly
  • Can be used in camping or caravan toilets

Graffix Graffiti Removal

Graffix is an environmentally safe liquid gel used to remove paint and chemical resistant coatings, and does not contain MEK or any other harsh, flamable chemicals.

It is specially designed to remove multiple layers of oil and latex paints from various materials, including HDPE, wood, brick, stone or metal.

Key Features

  • Biodegradeable and environmentally safe
  • Use on multiple surfaces including HDPE, Wood, Brick, Stone or Metal
  • Safe and effective removal of stubborn graffiti
  • Available in 1 Gallon drums or 32oz spray bottles
  • For use on your toilet fleet, fences, walls and more!

Odour Control deodorising discs (Deo Discs)

The Walex® Exodor® Supersize Deodorising Discs are designed with a fragrance that lasts for several weeks making portable toilets smell better for longer.

Discs are concealed on the reverse side of the vent pipes on a plastic hook.

The Exodor® Supersize Deodorising Discs require 1 disc per month & are available in 100 disc packs, 5 packs per case.

Hand Cleaning Range

The Walex Hand Soap is an excellent fresh hand cleaning soap.
The convenient Walex Hand Soap Dispenser is easily attached to the inside of any portable toilet.

Individual Dispenser and Soap available on request.

The Hand Soap requires 2-4ml per use (200 – 400 uses) & is available in 800ml packs. 12 packs per case. The Dispensers are available in 12 units percase.

All the above accessories & treatments are available at our premise at Acacia Ridge, Brisbane, Queensland. They can be used in chemical toilets or smaller portable toilets used for camping, in the caravan or on the boat.

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