Interceptor Liquid Level Alarm

The Interceptor Liquid Level Alarm has been designed for any applications requiring effluent or waste water storage (eg mine camp sites, new contruction sites) to avoid environmental spill impacts, by providing warning indications when the storage tank (eg Effluent tank, Grey Water tanketc.) are approaching full.

The warning indications are determined by a float switch.

Warning are:

  • Audio (buzzer)
  • Visual (flashing LED)
  • Water Shut Off Solenoid (Optional)

The Buzzer can be muted via button. The auxiliary output and flashing LED will continue to remain on, until the alarm condition is eradicated. If the Buzzer is not muted, it will automatically silence after 5 minutes then go into ‘Chirp’ mode. If the optional Water Shut-off Solenoid is installed, it will close when an ‘alarm event’ occurs, preventing over filling of a holding tank from the supply source (eg: toilet block mounted to an holding tank). The Interceptor Liquid Level Alarm has been built tough for hot Australian climate conditions.


  • Designed to plug and play
  • Safety low voltage DC outlets
  • Normally Open Solenoid
  • Designed to initiate both visual and audible alarms as soon as an alarm condition occurs
  • Audible alarm can be silenced by way of the mute button or, it will automatically silence after 5 minutes of sounding
  • Tough UV Design for hot climate conditions
  • Available with solenoid function to cut water supply / flow


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