Effluent Tank

The Merlin Effluent Tank (portable waste tank) has been engineer certified and meets the Australian Standards for a building mass of up to 7000Kgs plus 12 persons (6000L tank).


Our Effluent Tanks are popular in remote building and constructions sites, mining camps, civil construction sites, special events, army camp locations, and just about anywhere that doesn’t have a sewer connection. The tanks suit buildings up to 6m long by 3m wide.




2000L Effluent Tank with Frame

(1950mm x 2400mm x 660mmH)

Weight capacity: 1500Kg + 6 people.


4000L Effluent Tank

(3865mm x 2400mm x 660mmH)

Weight Capacity: 5000Kg + 8 people


6000L Effluent Tank

(5860mm x 2400mm x 660mmH)

Weight Capacity: 7000Kg + 12 people

2000L also available without a frame.

Key Features


  • Product availability short delivery times anywhere in Queensland and Northern Territory
  • Heavy duty steel frame construction able to withstand up to 7000Kgs plus 12 people (6000L).
  • Large tank capacities – up to 6000L
  • Special locator tab lifting points
  • Towing hook on frame for easy positioning on site
  • Easy to transport
  • Built by Australians for Australian conditions.

Internal Features


  • Polyethylene tanks are lighter and will last longer than steel
  • The tanks will not rust or break down over time.
  • The tanks will not be affected by chemicals or human waste
  • Two double clamped triple wall connector pipes join the tank pods – eliminating possible blockages
  • Easy to pump



  • “Interceptor” High level visual/audio alarm with optional water cut off solenoid
  • Camlock fitted pump spear
  • Sight Tube

Warnings are:


  • Audio (buzzer)
  • Visual (flashing LED)
  • Water Shut Off Solenoid (Optional)



Site Level Tube
This simple tube set up screws into two moulded points on the end of the Merin Effluent Waste Tanks
for an easy visual of the tank level.


Camlock Fitted Pump Spear

This 90 degree angle fitted pump spear make for easy emptying of the tank by the vacuum pumpers.

Merlin Spill Protection

Specially designed matting / liner that is placed under the effluent tank to protect against accidental spills or leaks.


If you are working in an environmentally sensitive area or would simply like the peace of mind that if a spill occurs you have protection then using a Merlin Spill protection system is the answer. Ultra tough liner designed to keep liquids contained and the environment /work area protected.


Available in a variety of sizes to suit different size waste tanks and applications.
Easily transported, installed and can be packed up and reused at multiple sites.

Waste Tank

Large ablution block but no sewer connection? The Merlin Portable Waste Tank is the hygienic, long-lasting solution.

The Effluent Tank is an engineering-certified effluent tank, designed to sit underneath large ablution blocks – particularly on large construction sites without a sewer connection (or perhaps a special event or an army camp).

A sturdy, durable, rust-construction, the  Waste / Effluent Tank is engineered from rigid polyethylene surrounded by a heavy-duty steel frame, and it’s rated to support a building mass of up to 7000kg plus 12 persons.

Available in three different sizes (2000L, 4000L & 6000L), the Merlin Portable Waste Tank is suited to ablution block buildings up to approximately 6m long and 2.4m wide.

Effluent Tank Features & Specification:

  • Features & Specifications
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Special gusset reinforcing
  • Engineer Certified No. E3577
  • Certified to withstand 7000kg + 12 People
  • 3 sizes to suit all applications
  • Long-life polyethylene tanks will not rust
  • Special locator tab/lift points
  • Steel tow hook on all sizes
  • Tank top connects to frame to avoid sagging
  • Special double clamped triple wall connector hose on multi-tank models
  • Special pump out port available
2000L TANK 4000L TANK 6000L TANK

Waste Tank:

2000 Litres

Waste Tank:

4000 Litres

Waste Tank:

6000 Litres

Approx Weight:

227 KG

Approx Weight:

453 KG

Approx Weight:

776 KG


1950mm length x 2400mm width x 660mm height


3875mm length x 2400mm width x 660mm height


5860mm length x 2400mm width x 660mm height

Carrying Capacity:

1500 kg + 6 People

Carrying Capacity:

5000 kg + 8 People

Carrying Capacity:

7000 kg + 12 People

Merlin Waste Tank - Effluent Tank


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